As strong believers in the creative process, we think before we begin any project. The source of our approach stems from the varied and unique talent that we have with us on our team - each specializing in their own respective discipline. We have assembled these experts with a purpose, to offer the client a variety of services that are unmatched and of the highest quality. Call us to find out what our services division can offer your project and we'll show you how we're so much more than just a construction company.

Construction Management Software
Technology plays a significant role in the construction process, shaping the way it is both managed and carried out. At Embassy Renovation Corporation, we understand that efficiency is the currency in construction. As such, we employ the latest in computer design and management software to complete your project in a timely and organized manner. From conception to completion, the client will have complete control over the flow of information that is available.

Building Sciences
Paying attention to the details ensures a better quality building actually reaches completion. Our team of highly educated and certified professionals works continuously to identify issues, proof solutions and deliver specialized knowledge.

Raising the required finances for a project can be a challenge even in the best of economic situations. We thought the best way to help project owners was for us to step in and help them attain the money they need for their project. If you are a project owner, when you use our services you can speed up the equity process. While we are not lenders ourselves, we know what financial institutions need and can ask the right questions to get the job done quickly.

Facility Management
Facility Management services can be contracted into a project during and after construction is completed. Our contracts can include the early installation and testing of equipment to ongoing building management and maintenance. When you face critical decisions about facility management we can help develop a custom designed building and operational service that is more cost effective.

Project Management
Our project management service team takes an engaged approach, making all the difference when managing your projects. When we're involved, not only can we foresee issues, we can face them head on and focus on resolving them faster. We do this because we think being deeply involved in a project is the best.